Flipped Learning – 15 Minute Forum

What’s flipped learning all about?

Traditionally, new learning input takes please during lessons (with varying degrees of direction by the the teacher) and then homework requires students to answer questions and complete activities based on this new learning.

Flipped learning turns this process on its head.  The new learning input is set as homework.  Students use a variety of online resources e.g. You Tube, The Khan Academy, podcasts created by the teacher (or students) etc to teach themselves a topic.  Then during the lesson, they carry out activities based on this new learning.  The teacher can then focus their time and effort on supporting individuals with developing this learning.

Benefits of flipped learning

For students:

  • Students can learn at their own pace at home, using a variety of resources
  • Materials are available online for students who are absent
  • Students are developing independent learning skills
  • Parents can view the materials and engage with the learning
  • Students don’t struggle with the homework with the homework as they have forgotten how and haven’t got anyone to help them.
  • Students take ownership of their learning
  • Can learn actively with their peers.
  • Students can determine the level of detail they go in to with the learning.

For teachers:

  • Teachers really do become the ‘facilitator’ and not the ‘dictator’
  • Less time is spent discussing low level content, so more time can be spent developing deep thinking skills.
  • Teachers can spend more time on supporting students with skills such as developing exaam practice.
  • Fewer behavioural issues as students are involved with self-directed learning
  • More opportunity for small group and one to one support.
  • Can involve co-constructioon with students e.g. students and teacher producing podcasts to use as a leaning resource.
  • Provides more opportunities to connect with students.

Some points to consider

  • When starting off with flipped learning, do so with an easy topic – higher chance of engagement from students.
  • Students will need to be encouraged to believe that because they have taught themselves, they will have learnt effectively.
  • Provide students with a range of learning resources to use at home – with a varying degree of challenge.
  • Using a homework recording site e.g. https://schoolplannerbook.com/ allows you to set the learning task and provide students with the links to support them with this.
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