15 Minute Forum – Using Edmodo as an engaging homework tool

Jack Tyler (History teacher), led the forum tonight, looking at using Edmodo for homework tasks  – http://www.edmodo.com/

Edmodo is an online platform that allows teachers to set students tasks, that they can then complete online.

Why it works?

  • No paper involved – no more ‘lost my sheet’ excuses!
  • The work is marked instantly – quick feedback for the student.
  • It looks like facebook – which appeals to students.
  • It allows a dialogue between students and teacher.
  • It encourages the correct spelling of key terms – with some quizzes, if they spell ut wrong, they don’t get the mark.
  • It gives the teacher a breakdown of how the class have done all the questions – so allows you to identify weak areas that need further coverage and development.
  • It stores class results (which can be imported to excel) to track progress.
  • It’s a good way to quickly check progress on a specific area of work.
  • Once quizzes have been designed, they can be re-used.

So Edmodo is a good tool to use – but not exclusively.  Good teaching and learning relies on a variety of experiences, so using just Edmodo for homework, would not support this – and of course, students would tire of it.   Furthermore, it’s real usefulness lies in checking that students have picked up key knowledge, via quizzes etc.  It doesn’t really support the development of extended writing tasks.

It undoubtedly has a place though and is a useful acquisition to the toolbox.

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