15 Minute Forum – Making marginal gains with assessment criteria

David Brading (Head of Geography) led a 15 Minute Forum looking at how his department have developed their use of assessment criteria.

  • Read and unpick all the mark schemes and examiners reports – know what they are looking for inside out and use this in your teaching, so students become familiar with the style of questions, language used and how to structure their answers.
  • Share and discuss this with students regularly.
  • Take the assessment criteria for KS3 and 4 and turn them into bitesize chunks that can then be used as improvement strategies when marking.  Use this to develop a standardised marking grid, that all teachers use e.g.

  • Alongside this, have questions to pose to students to support their progression from one level/grade to the next e.g.

  • Give students the opportunity, usually at the start of the lesson, to respond to these questions – then rspond to their response to close the loop.
  • This resource can also be used to develop peer assessment.
  • Make sure there are displays around the room, with key terms that are linked to the assessment e.g. explain, compare, describe etc.
  • When homework is handed back, students are given an improvement strategy linked to their MEG (Minimum Expected Grade) as well as an exam question, to progress them to that level.
  • Use the language in the ‘Learning Journey Poster’ – so we develop a ‘language of learning’ across the school.
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