15 Minute Forums and marginal gains

This new half term will see the start of 15 minute forums, every Thursday at Durrington.  These have been running for over a year now and have proved to be a highly effective method of CPD.  Each forum is led by a teacher who has been developing their own practice in a particular area.  They share what they have been doing and then encourage others to contribute ideas – and all in 15 minutes!

These bitesize chunks of CPD are an excellent way of sharing the ‘marginal gains’ required to move teaching and learning towards outstanding.

After each forum, a summary of the main strategies discussed will be shared on here.

Forums on a range of topics are planned:

Date Topic Led by
8 Nov Using assessment criteria to   set purposeful improvement strategies David Brading
15 Nov Using Edmodo as an engaging   homework tool Jack Tyler
22 Nov Using data to support   learning in lessons Kate Blight
6 Dec Using the ‘Learning Journey’   poster effectively. Shaun Allison
13 Dec Read or write or speak all   about it! Sue Wolstenholme
20 Dec Using web applications in   class and for homework James Gardner
10 Jan Developing oracy skills Sue Wolstenholme & Jo   Grimwood
17 Jan Using Twitter to engage   students and support learning Lizzie Wolstenholme
24 Jan Using SOLO taxonomy to   develop student learning Simona Trignano
7 Feb Using innovative technologies   to support learning Chloe Gardner
14 Feb Using exams formatively Steph Holt
7 March Effective use of assessment   criteria in a visual/practical subject Steve Bloomer
14 March Developing peer assessment   strategies Steph Holt
21 March Building positive   relationships with students Jack Corbett
28 March Effective marking and   self-assessment strategies Shane Borrett
18 April Developing the learning   environment Steph Holt
25 April Mo’s top 5 teaching tips Maurice Lynch
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2 Responses to 15 Minute Forums and marginal gains

  1. Don’t suppose you’ve ever recorded one of these? Would be good to see how it is managed and proceeds.

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