Durrington TeachMeet

On Thursday, Durrington High School hosted their first ever ‘TeachMeet’ event.  Around 80 teachers attended from a number of local schools, to listen to 12 teachers presenting on a range of topics including students using mobile devices, developing a whole school literacy, differentiation strategies, peer tutoring, creative teaching and learning strategies, AfL and much, much more.

The response from all attendees was hugely positive, with a number of colleagues leaving the event wanting to organise another similar event at their own school – which is excellent news for school collaboration.  Teachers said that they felt ‘energised and inspired’ by the event.  One left having won an iPad (courtesy of event sponsors JSPC), and two others won 6 bottles of wine each!

This will definitely become a regular fixture on the Durrington High School calendar, with a similar event being planned for next year.

All presentations from the night can be viewed here.

There are a number of TeachMeets being held around the country.  To find one in your area, look through the TeachMeet website.

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