Independent Learning – Strategies from 15 minute forum

  • Home and expert groups – the experts work together on research/ a set task, before sharing what they have learnt with the expert groups.
  • When they get stuck – use the 5Bs – Brain, Book, Board, Buddy, Boss
  • Write their own exam questions and mark schemes
  • Guess what’s on the exam specification – can students guess the main topics in a section of the exam specification?
  • Encourage students to predict how they have done in tests, reflecting on their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Encourage students to set short, medium and long term learning goals, asking them to reflect on their progress and make a plan to meet these goals.
  • Encourage self and peer editing before handing work in to be marked.
  • Plan, do, reflect and review
  • Students are set a range of tasks to complete over a period of lessons.  Once they have completed a task, they tick their name – they then become experts who are available to help others on that task.
  • Groups are giving different topics to work on and then present.
  • Big sheet of paper – in groups, students answer a question (different one each sheet), move to the next sheet and improve the answer from the previous group
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