Developing Learning Talk – 15 Minute Forum

Examples of strategies that can be used to develop speaking and listening across a range of subjects – as discussed at the staff 15 minute forum tonight.

  • Word web – One student answers a question and holds a piece of string.  The string is then passed on to the next person to answer a question – and this then carries on, forming a ‘mesh’ between all the people that have answered a question.  Gives a visual record of who has answered questions.
  • Speed dating – One group of students sit in a circle facing outwards.  Another group sits in a larger circle, facing inwards.  The people in the larger circle, ask a question to the person they are facing in the smaller circle, record the answer, then move around to the next person.  At the end, they can select the person with the best answer.
  • Guess the role play – students are given a role play to carry out.  The others then have to guess what they are.  A mix between charades and human Pictionary!
  • Family fortunes – One person pretends to be Vernon Kaye.  Ask a question, then groups have to decide possible responses – and which one is most likely to score the most marks.
  • The Panel Presents – Produce a powerpoint of images to show to students, that cover the main themes of the lesson.  They then have to prepare and give a presentation, based around these images.
  • Hexagons – prepare hexagons with key words written on them.  Students then have to link the hexagons together (based on links between the words) and then explain their reasons for doing so.
  • Make a stand – Students are asked a question, or for their view on something, or if they think something is true/false or right/wrong.  They then have to stand in a particular part of the room, depending on their answer.  This could then be developed into a debate – and students given the opportunity to change their minds, and therefor where they stand.
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