Differentiation – 15 Minute Forum

The following strategies were shared at our staff ’15 Minute Forum’ this week

•Physically group students in the classroom by ability. Have specific learning objectives for each group, based on their ability – and appropriate level of challenge.

•Demonstrate coaching to the students. Pair students up and encourage one student to coach the other on a particularly difficult task/problem.

•Both of the above require a positive classroom atmosphere. When done well, students find it supportive and not demoralising as they are working at an appropriate level.

•Get students to teach a part of the lesson. Give them clear time limits and topics.

•Ask students to write 5 questions based on the learning objectives. They then peer mark and feed back.

•More able students go round and help other students. 2 rules – they can’t just give the answer and they have to leave their book behind, so they can’t just show them.

•Use the RAG cards in planners for students to show how well they are understanding the work. Allows you to then re-shape your questioning accordingly.

•Use the more vocal/confident students to explain what they have learnt in the plenary.

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